business data solutions

We help you succeed with data. We help you make better decisions, improve your marketing, retain more of your customers and increase your sales.


Data Platform

Using our platform we can model large and complex data sets, providing predictive analytics to discover new data-driven insights.

Data Consultants and Teams

We can provide or recruit data scientists and analysts to work with your own departments to help you achieve your business aims.

Data Science

Using our skills and platform we carry out advanced analytics processes on large and complex data sets to discover new insights.

Data Warehousing and Strategy

Hardware and software data warehousing reviews, data strategy and implementation. Cloud or in-house. Data migration, data cleaning.

Marketing and Sales Data Segmentation

We can combine your customer and transactional data into our advanced analytics platform for more accurate marketing and sales activity. Increase your Revenues.

BI Reporting and Dashboard Applications

We can create clear and insightful dashboards and reporting applications from disparate and previously unconnected data sources. Increase business visibility.

Data Management & Analytics Platform

The Consolidata data platform has been developed to collect, store and analyse data.

Using best-of-breed data management, analysis and reporting technologies our powerful, modular and robust data management platform uses deep analytical, forecasting and machine learning techniques to generate actionable insights and maximum value from your data. The platform processes all types of data from multiple sources and enables it to be cleaned, combined and retained for analysis quickly and effectively.

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