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Business intelligence and analytics has advanced in leaps and bounds – you can now use data to grow your company and increase sales, start streamlining your business processes and become data-driven in less time than ever before. Data platforms provide good-to-go data management solutions with high connectivity and integration into your IT systems; there is very little requirement to start from scratch anymore.

The Consolidata Data Platform offers business intelligence and analytics solutions that are robust, scalable, and adapt to the changing needs of the organisation.

Your hosted black box

The Consolidata Data Platform is the combined product of years of experience from consulting in a number of industries. Comprised of individual components for streaming and loading data, data modelling, data cleaning, predictive analysis and forecasting, machine learning and reporting, it quickly enables you to attack a business problem by breaking it down into smaller facets.

No two business problems are alike. Where it can, the platform automates your data management processes and provides quality out-of-the-box solutions to data modelling, analysis and reporting. This removes the hassle of managing your own data architecture, so you can reap the benefits of a powerful analytics and data warehousing platform and become production ready in days, not months.

Solve business problems

All the while, your solution is supported by experienced data consultants, data engineers and data scientists. Our experience in a range of industries will help you to foresee potential problems well ahead of time, gather requirements quickly and effectively and provide new and innovative solutions to problems. Via the platform portal, enable your teams to become empowered with data by motivating them to ask questions and training them to apply the outputs of your analyses more effectively to solve everyday problems.

Build powerful predictive models to predict spending habits, or segment your customer base into clusters to channel your marketing efforts, all without a statistics Ph.D.


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Data Science

Data science gives you a quantitative understanding of how your business relates to the world around it. Data science helps you to ask the right questions of your data in order to maximise its value to your business. Data science takes advantage of tools that sit outside the traditional BI stack.


Descriptive Analytics

Using descriptive analytics well is one of the bedrocks of becoming a data-driven business, where a business uses data to improve the way it operates.



Why do you need reports?

This may seem like a strange question, but a clear and concise report can be more powerful than a full break-down of everything that is available to you.