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Why Consolidata?

From humble beginnings, the company has evolved into a multi-disciplined business intelligence and data analytics consultancy with an in-house data platform, built from the original founders' combined years of experience and expertise. Its consultants are business-minded, highly technical and are constantly learning new skills and knowledge to stay at the forefront of the data community.

Our capabilities

Consolidata have provided knowledgeable and innovative data consultants to medium to large companies for over 13 years, delivering data management solutions in numerous industries.

Consolidata has a proven track record in its ability to deliver:

  • Insights from data exploration and business analysis.
  • Expert advice around database modelling, BI architecture and design.
  • BI system construction, with robust customer UAT.
  • Training for clients on best practices for query optimisation, data strategy, source control, documentation and systems security.
  • Deploying automated reporting solutions.

Additionally, Consolidata has a body of associates that offer extra expertise in project management, ETL, reporting solutions, integration services and master data management. As Consolidata has evolved, these skill sets have been extended to the R language (including Microsoft R Server) and to data science solutions involving statistical modelling and advanced analytics.

Our industries

We have provided values in a wide range of different industries: retail and wholesale; insurance; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; information and technology; science and research; telecommunications; manufacturing and recruitment.

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Head of Business and Joint Founder

Mark Dodd

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Data Strategy

The purpose of a solid data strategy is to improve your company’s positioning in the data landscape. By assessing the current state of the business and where the business needs to be, we can identify the size of the gap between them determine what tools or experience is needed to fill it.


The problem we solve

We help companies maximise the value of their data.

The problem we solve

Why Consolidata?

Consolidata are at the forefront of the business intelligence and analytics industry, enabling start-ups and large multi-nationals to benefit from the smartest and fastest data solutions available.