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We help companies maximise the value of their data.

Imagine you’re an executive. You’re aiming to grow the company. You have a good intuition, a good team, and data about the business and its customers. The question is: using these, how do you generate growth?

To allow you and your team to work efficiently and make the best decisions, you need help handling the data and putting it to use in decision-making. This requires a technical solution that simplifies your data management and allows you to use your processes effectively.

Armed with this, insights into the business and its customers can be acted upon - this is the key to maximising the value of your data.

How does this help my business grow?

Supporting business decisions with data is becoming increasingly necessary. The benefits of this are numerous; they include increasing a business’s awareness of the needs of its customers, reducing production costs, increasing staff efficiency, improving pricing… the list goes on.

To illustrate this, here are a few examples from some of our recent projects:

  • Analyse a joined-up view of customer Wi-Fi usage, transactional and survey data to deliver marketing that is tailored to customer needs.
  • Create a full data-processing solution for a business, from ingesting and cleaning its clients’ data to generating bespoke visualisations to support decision making.
  • Build statistical models from open data to accurately make predictions and improve performance.

Ultimately, we offer the technical solutions needed to operate in a competitive and increasingly data-driven marketplace.

Enable results

Through the Consolidata Data Platform and our Data Consultancy and Data Strategy offerings, Consolidata champion business transformation - we focus on solving the business problem, enabling your business to quickly benefit from data and algorithm-driven decision-making. 

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Data Consultancy

Consolidata have provided knowledgeable and innovative data consultants to medium to large companies for over 13 years, delivering data managements solutions in numerous different industries.


Data Strategy

The purpose of a solid data strategy is to improve your company’s positioning in the data landscape. By assessing the current state of the business and where the business needs to be, we can identify the size of the gap between them determine what tools or experience is needed to fill it.


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