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We are passionate about learning and knowledge building

Increasing data volumes, complexity of data types and the availability of newer and more powerful analysis tools, means that the industry is rapidly shifting and changing. Knowledge of traditional BI and relational database tools is no longer enough.

We believe in training our team and allowing them the space and resources to acquire and apply new skills to their regular work. We are active in the SQL community (and other database communities!), having just attended the SQL Bits XV conference in Liverpool in 2016.

We also host regular Knowledge Building Sessions where we invite a guest speak to talk to our team and associates about a relevant and new developments in the world of data.

We inspire and excite through thought leadership

We empower our clients to think about data in new ways and use their existing tools to greater effect. Integration of existing IT systems into our data platform can be challenging and often requires a new and innovative solution. We encourage data innovation, vision and insight.

We believe that honest engagement drives good business

Technical solutions can become complicated. We also understand that a ‘big data’ solution might not be for everybody, and in fact a much simpler and more elegant solution will be of a greater benefit to you. Our combined years of experience as consultants and data strategists will help you to design the best roadmap for the size, ambitions and capability of your business. A solid plan beforehand will eliminate time wasted collecting unnecessary requirements, redesigning solutions and ensure that the solution is correct for the size of your business and the sector it’s in.

We can build better success together

We strive to be your data partners, not just a third-party supplier. A Consolidata data solution encourages you to become data-driven and use your insights to drive your own success. There is immense potential for two data-driven businesses to form a powerful and profitable partnership.

We are agile, flexible and creative

Consolidata are a multi-disciplined team, originating from a wide range of backgrounds including engineering, film and theatre, economics, neuroscience and business intelligence. Transferable skills from these fields into data science changes the way we approach data and the more traditional business problems. This combined with our cross-training of skills from our own learning results in greater creativity and innovation.


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Why Consolidata?

Consolidata are at the forefront of the business intelligence and analytics industry, enabling start-ups and large multi-nationals to benefit from the smartest and fastest data solutions available.


Our technologies

The data platform can be thought of as a ‘black box’ of tools for data management, data analytics and decision-making. It is the product of our years of experience in business intelligence and analytics, programming, data science, reporting and big data. Plug in your business problem and the platform will apply the best tools for your application.



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