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Why Consolidata?

Data is no longer an IT problem – it is a business problem. The data-driven business will respond proactively to the changing world around it, gain competitive advantage and build a profitable and sustainable future. The intuition-driven business that ignores the value and potential of its data, will continue to make critical decisions based on gut-feeling, and is destined to fall behind.’ -Dafydd Biffen, Head of Engagement

The emergence of big data and data science technologies and the advances in business intelligence and analytics will leave no industry untouched. The importance of harnessing good quality data and utilizing the wave of new technical tools and talent available to you has become more important than ever before. Data is changing the way we think and the way we approach typical business problems.

Consolidata are at the forefront of the business intelligence and analytics industry, enabling start-ups and large multi-nationals to benefit from the smartest and fastest data solutions available.

We have a dedicated team with a broad range of skills around data modelling, data architecture, data strategy, business analysis and data science, with expertise and experience of working in a range of industries.

We are an agile, flexible and creative company who approach data management differently – what is the business problem we are trying to solve?

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Our values

We are passionate about learning and knowledge building

We inspire and excite through thought leadership

We believe that honest engagement drives good business

We can build better success together

We are agile, flexible and creative


Our technologies

The data platform can be thought of as a ‘black box’ of tools for data management, data analytics and decision-making. It is the product of our years of experience in business intelligence and analytics, programming, data science, reporting and big data. Plug in your business problem and the platform will apply the best tools for your application.



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