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Who are Data Matters UK?

Founded in 2003, Data Matters UK are an independent data and marketing agency offering best practice advice to many clients in the retail and charity sectors. Their experience is in customer analysis and strategic CRM and they specialise in insight generation and creating differentiated communication marketing.

Specialist intervention by data experts

Data Matters recognise that complex sets of data require specialist management and integration to provide robust and repeatable results. ‘Complex data management is a task best left to the experts’, explains Ed Pettipher, Director of Analytics at Data Matters. ‘Some of our clients send very disjointed data that needs a great deal of application of business logic before it is useful to them. Consolidata have worked with us on a number of complex data projects, enabling us to focus on our core knowledge and skills.

The power of partnership

Data Matters and Consolidata have worked in partnership for over 10 years to deliver solutions to clients with complex data needs, including two high street retailers. They have established a proven working relationship that enables them to provide a bespoke service to each client, according to their specification.

Consolidata have a team of specialists,’ Ed continues, ‘and we have built a relationship that gives us confidence that whatever the requirements we have available to us either in terms of data or business logic, Consolidata will develop a solution that meets our needs.

Technology as solution

Consolidata deploy their cloud-based ‘data platform’ solution, incorporating appropriate SQL and/or NoSQL technology depending upon the specific client needs. This allows customers to use new technology as it is implemented, giving them access to tools, data, reports or analytics, as is appropriate. Head of Experience at Consolidata, Dafydd Biffen, describes the company ethos of ‘dedication to providing the best solutions to the most complex problems’.

Continuing engagement

Consolidata continue to be involved in supporting pre-sales presentations and extending the solution capabilities with further data sources.

Data Matters UK

DMUK Solution

  • Cloud-based data analytics platform
  • Enabler for full feedback of email marketing campaign results
  • Complex data management by specialists, Consolidata 

DMUK Technologies

  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server 2016
  • Power BI
  • R

DMUK Partner Profile

Specialist in customer segmentation analysis

  • Specialist in customer segmentation analysis
  • Strategic CRM
  • Customer analytics