Accessing a Client Cube on PowerBI


At Consolidata we promote the ability to run your PowerBI service reports from an on-premises cube. This is fairly simple to achieve when running under your own domain, but more challenging when the cube is running under a different client domain.

This blog addresses that issue.


  1. Download the Data Gateway on PowerBI

Step 0.5

2. Connect to the client-server where the cube is stored.

3. Run the PowerBI gateway installer on the client server.

4. It will ask you to sign in, so use your regular login details for PowerBI.

5. Return to PowerBI.

6. Go to Manage Gateways


7. On the left-hand side, you will see the gateway you created on the client server.

 gm bolg pic 7

 8. Click 'add data source' and create a new data source.

Step 8

9. Once you have done this there should be a successful connection.

Now if you try and build a report it will fail due to cross domains.

10. To fix this go to User tab

11. Click map usernames.

12. Remap own username and client domain username.

Step 14

13. Click test the rule to see if it is correct.

You should now be able to create your reports from the cube.

14. Go to get data.

15. Click on Databases.

16. Click on SQL Server analysis services

17. Select the new data source you just set up.

18. You should be able to see your cube!


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