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Here we are sharing recent data news and links that we have found interesting in recent weeks. Topics range from hacking and internet security to artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, social media and how big data can build smarter cities and infrastructure.

Arts By Numbers – Why is the arts industry struggling to keep up with the data drive?

Big Data and Marketing – Where they meet and how techniques like sentiment analysis are providing better insights.

Citymapper to governments – Open more data to improve our cities!

Hackers take control of a Jeep’s brakes via the car stereo  – On the motorway – in heavy traffic!

Mankind must keep ahead of technology – Due to big data’s capacity to be used for good and for bad.

Neurohacking, smartphone tracking, crime and AI – If you can hack a computer, and if you can combine a brain with a computer, then you can certainly hack a brain!

News on Twitter and Facebook – New research on where we get our news from (turns out, it’s from social media).

The Data Spectrum – An enlightening infographic demonstrating to what extent some open data source are truly open.

The Future of Life – FoL are supporting research initiatives for safeguarding life, including a petition signed by over 1000 robotic experts calling for the banning of weaponry driven by AI.

The Internet of Things – An interesting discussion piece on centralisation and dominance.

The Internet of Things in The Connected Home – The Internet of Things seems to be becoming less than just a theory and more of reality.

The Non-Geeks Big Data Handbook – Big data is not just for big companies.

Top 10 Wearables and IoT Companies to watch in 2015

What should firms do to protect its customers?  – The ethics of big data revisited.

The Six Type of Twitter Conversations – This is particularly useful if you are a company trying to engage with your customer base in a meaningful way without spamming mindless #hashtags!

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