April Data News and Insights - Coffee Break

These are links to data related news articles, opinion pieces and resources that we have found interesting or worthy of bookmarking recently. They are a mix of advice, business and market sentiment and pointers around data and its related uses and issues.

We aren’t responsible for these external destinations and we don’t necessarily endorse their contents, authors or their opinions. We do hope you find them interesting and that you enjoy reading them.

Please let us know if any of the links are broken or expire and we will tidy them away.

If you aren’t investing in analytics you are falling behind your competition. Forbes

Quantrepreneurs want your data.  New York Times

Data Science for the common good? Blog

Our big number blind spots are bad news for us, society and humanity. The Guardian

The Open Data Institute (UK). Keep data open

Data Ethics. The big debate (US)

Are you a small company? You need to get involved. BBC

How to approach a big data project. Blog

Big data and machine learning is essential for retail. If you are in marketing, a CIO or CTO you should read this. Forbes

Big data and analytics are a whole business issue, not only for your IT department. Supply Chain Quarterly

A good post discussing the importance of data analytics and how you can’t afford to ignore it. Bernard Marr

The importance of data quality. Computer Weekly

Opinion on Apple and it’s move into medical. Blog

Data lakes, data seas and the data universe. Datanami

Your data is being monitesed, are you even you any more? The Guardian

Data driven documents and gorgeous infographics

Periodic Table of data visualization methods

Immersive visualisation in design. The Engineer