Consolidata on the G-Cloud 9 Framework


As the big data and data science spaces continue to evolve, it will become essential that these advances and opportunities to use data to full effect are made available to everyone, including both private and public sector entities. In order for everyone to reap the benefits, tech start-ups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) need to sell their services to government without the hassle and complications of procurement. 

Consolidata are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bramble Hub, whereby strengthening Consolidata’s positioning in the digital marketplace. Bramble Hub’s expertise means that they are an enabler for technology companies like Consolidata to win government contracts through centralised government frameworks. 

Specifically, Consolidata has been awarded a placement on the government's G-Cloud 9 framework, in partnership with Bramble Hub.  This means that we will now be able to more effectively offer their services and data platform to the public sector with regards to: 

  • Robust solutions around planning, architecture and implementation of migration to the cloud. 

  • Elegant, scalable and resilient solutions around data processing, machine learning and analytics. 

  • Accelerated migration by a focused team.

The framework goes live this Monday and over 1,000 over suppliers were announced as being a part of the same framework.

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