Consolidata in Shoreditch: 04/11/2015


Last night, the Consolidata team ventured to the MontCalm Hotel in Shoreditch and hosted a ‘big data’ themed evening.

It was an informal evening for our current and prospective partners to network and discuss data science and big data with the Consolidata team.

We were lucky to be accompanied by Professor Mark Whitehorn of University of Dundee, who captivated us with real-life case studies where big data has given companies a competitive advantage. He even shared with us: the latest NoSQL and big data technologies; the distinctions between normal data analytics and big data; and even where big data presents no significant advantage at all, giving our attendees a more complete picture of what big data really is.

The evening was extremely successful and we have received a lot of positive comments from those who came. Thank you to all of those who did come – we hope to see you at any upcoming Consolidata events in the future!

Check out Mark in action:

  2015 11 05 14 36 53

Art of Analytics: The topics of the evening included NoSQL technologies and other ‘big data technologies’.

2015 11 05 14 35 58

Big Data: The Prof showed us the perks of working with a data scientist.

2015 11 05 14 37 33

Cool!: Mark finished the evening with some beautiful visualisations of real data sets.

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