Data Science with SQL Server and R


One of the most notable additions to the Microsoft BI stack was the addition of Microsoft R Server inside SQL Server 2016. This year, Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2017 would also have Python capabilities.

Click here to view the presentation and slides at SkillsMatter.

MicrosoftR's proprietary R packages deliver scale and multi-threading capabilities that open-source R can’t easily provide - this opens up a world of possibilities for data scientists interested in machine learning and predictive analytics. But what does this data science offering look like on a Microsoft platform?

I attended the Data Science Festival in April this year and delivered a presentation on said tools, evaluating their usefulness to you as a data scientist. Discover how R adds value where traditional relational databases struggle, how to use RevoScaleR functions to build predictive models.

Engage Consolidata to find out more about building data pipelines with these tools and we can help you evaluate whether they are right for your business application.

 Photo credit: Ed Telling Photography

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