Gambling, Guns and Open Data - Data Links For October


Here you will find a collection of the most interesting opinion pieces, advice columns and news stories from the world of data. Share with us what you think about any of the stories in the links below, or share anything that you think we may have missed.

  • Facebook, data protection and the Safe Harbour agreement – a ruling European Court of Justice could lead to their data transfers between the US and the EU being terminated, due to concerns over data privacy concerns. It does not just affect large companies like Facebook – see the full story here.
  • A new Language Immersion extension in Google Chrome recreates the experience of immersing yourself in a new language, all within your web browser.
  • The White House is using open data from ‘college scorecards’ to help new students shortlist potential colleges, helping them predict the amount of debt they are likely to accumulate and the types of earning they are likely to make.
  • Robert Lipovsky demonstrates how malware called Odlanor is being used to peek at opponent’s cards in online Poker games on the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker websites. If you were after a less technical explanation see this instead!
  • An interesting look into the ‘Sharing Economy‘, an idea which gained a lot of attention a few years ago, and whether the idea of a designated platform for it is still a feasible idea.
  • The production of Microbit, the BBC’s answer to Raspberry Pi, has been delayed due to an issue with its power supply.
  • What are the ‘must read’ books for Data Scientists? To see the big picture behind ‘big data’, pick up the important technical skills and discover the applications of data science, have a flick through these.
  • TFL have released proposals to restrict the activities of companies like Uber, who responded by leading a petition that gained over 130,000 signatures. Mayor of London Boris Johnson talks about the problems that companies like Uber are causing for the black cab trade.
  • The recent mass shooting in Oregon had no effect on the discussion of gun control in the US and other surprising gun statistics from Pew Research, reported by The Guardian.
  • Some essential insights based on two years of research on how your ‘digital quotient‘ impacts your company’s digital strategy and its ability to make data-driven decision-making, automate effectively and increase connectivity.
  • The latest news, projects and free talks from Data Science London.
  • Samsung releases its hub for smarthome devices. It hopes to create ‘swarm intelligence’ by combining data from a number of devices included in the starter pack, such as various motion, door closer and presence sensors.
  • What is Thrive with Digital? Jessica Sandin and Craig Hill talk about the benefits of taking ‘digital free’ breaks.
  • Some tips on how to build a solid data science team. This is only brief, so for a more in-depth look into building an analytics team then read Mark Dodd’s advice article.

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