Highlights from Linz

Guten Morgen aus Linz!

What happens when you take six Consolidatums to Austria for team-building, work days and networking? 

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A handful of the Consolidata team took some time out from their busy schedules to venture over for the first Linz-based meetup for SQL PASS Austria. We also dedicated a day to team-building, sharing useful and interesting code solutions and even off-topic code and knowledge sharing. The above photo was taken on the Consolidata team-building day, where we solved riddles, Ollie showed off some memory tricks, and Sean gave us a walk-through on how to develop webpages with C# in Visual Studio.

SQL PASS Austria

As our CTO Gordon Meyer is based in Linz, Consolidata helped to organise the event and were lucky enough to deliver a presentation at the same time. Ollie Frost and Gordon Meyer co-presented the talk and demonstrated how R, Power BI, Azure and the Twitter APIs can be fused together to enable real-time streaming into a Power BI dashboard.

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Hosted at Dynatrace, the event experienced an impressive turnout and featured a mixture of students, DBAs and developers, all attending for a variety of different talks. Topics included an overview of Dynatrace products, a delve into dark data with SQL Server 2016 and R, and a DevOps 101 presentation delivered by Alex Yates of DLM Consulting.

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This is Consolidata’s first big step into the wider European SQL community and we had a fantastic time, so danke schön to our friends in Austria and to everyone who was involved!

Virtual Offices

One key factor that made this possible is that Consolidata is now completely virtual  we recently moved out of our previous office in Brune Street to experiment with remote working. We aim to meet regularly in middle-ground locations in London for our regular knowledge sessions and Consolidata days. However, the majority of time will be spent working from home offices and occasionally from client offices around London!

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We will be documenting and sharing our experience of working remotely over the upcoming weeks and months, so if this is a transition you have already gone through then feel free to share your experience with us!


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