Microsoft update BI Image X VM to SQL Server 2012 RTM

Earlier this year Microsoft made available a virtual machine that allowed users to experiment with a complete pre-configured installation of SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2012 RC0.

This virtual machine was a great way to try out the new business intelligence features in SQL Server 2012, using a sand-boxed environment and with minimal effort to get up and running.

The good news is that this VM has now been updated to use the final RTM version of SQL Server 2012.

Officially you should be running this on Hyper-V with plenty of RAM, but as with the pre-release version you can get it working on VirtualBox with a bit of tweaking.

Dan English has posted a great blog entry with some of his findings and it’s well-worth a read if you want to get this running on less-powerful VM architecture.

The updated virtual machine (over 21GB worth) can be grabbed directly from Microsoft here.

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