Monthly Review - June 2016


Hello and welcome to the first Monthly Review update from the Consolidata Team.

We have decided to put together a review detailing all the happenings going on in the Consolidata bubble. As this is the first of the series I will cover a few things from further back in the year.


sqlbits storm trooper

The largest event for the team over the last few months has been the SQLBits 2016 conference. The entire team traveled up to Liverpool for the 4-day conference in May and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learning new skills from Microsoft MVP’s and networking with top industry professionals.

sql bits session      sql lachlan

For a lot of the team it was the first time they had been to the event; who knew that learning on a Saturday could be so enjoyable. Consolidata would like to thank the team behind SQLBits and are looking forward to the event in 2017.

We even won a few prizes! 

During the entire month of June, the Consolidata team has been gripped with Euro 2016 fever.  An office sweepstake has brought new meaning to Albania vs Romania and as I type this I am basking in Victory as the mighty Portugal out bored France to victory.

euro 2016 

On to more a serious topic.

We had our Consolidata Knowledge session this month and where lucky enough to have Jen Stirrup come to our office and give us an interesting talk about Implementing Data Platform Solutions for Business Intelligence. She sure know her stuff!

There have been a few other serious developments over the last month but this isn’t the place to discuss them, hopefully we will have some discussion about how Brexit will effect our industry in the not too distant future.

Keep your eyes peeled.


Until next month…

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