News for November


As the months get colder and the moustaches get longer, take a moment to check out the latest big data news from November.

Add some colour with computer generated art, plus examples such as analysis of the most desirable places to live in London by the number of coffee and chicken shops, and a recent $1billion start-up from Chicago.

  • Uptake – They only opened for business in the summer of this year. An awe-inspiring evaluation for such a new company!
  • Why Insurers are Turning to Data –Asking the right questions and providing the right data solution can retain customers for longer…something that rings true across a number of industries.
  • Cheep/Cheap – Using heat maps and joining data sets to find desirable places in London (based on some debatable variables).
  • Eigenlandscapes – This isn’t brand new, but it surfaced recently on my LinkedIn and it’s fascinating. An approach for facial recognition was applied to a number of paintings of landscapes to generate beautiful watercolour images!
  • Ranking Digital Rights – How many of the big social media and technology companies provide meaningful information to its users about changes to their Terms of Services? The results are surprising, considering the recent high-profile data attacks.
  • When Machines Break Down – Another great application of machine learning for machine maintenance. It even has promising potential uses as an Internet of Things sensor.
  • Silo to Data Warehousing – Why a data warehouse trumps a data silo solution.
  • GitHub’s Hardest Worker – can Hubot help out in your company?
  • Shifting Spend to Smaller Consultancies to Save Millions – The ODI releases the findings of its research into the overall cost of using small versus larger consultancies.
  • Reverse Psychology – Not strictly an analytics article (but still interesting nonetheless)…
  • From Library Science to Data Science – In his first class on Python coding, Will Kurt was the only one out of 250 people to have no previous experience of programming. He is now the Lead Data Scientist at Kissmetrics.
  • Fun Stuff! – Another great resource for data scientists and data enthusiasts alike.

It has also been a busy few weeks for Consolidata. Come back to find more about our appearance at the Big Data Analytics and Innovation Summit in London last week.

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