Power BI: A Tutorial Series from Basic to Advanced


Recently we decided to investigate the new Power BI stack from Microsoft. We in the Business Intelligence community can be a fairly cynical bunch having seen many reporting and dashboarding tools over the years. Some have fared better than others, often driven by impressive marketing machines.

So, although we are at our core a Microsoft driven consultancy with a solid SQL Server core platform, we also have strong skills outside of Microsoft – Hadoop, Cassandra, R to name a few. We know that Microsoft has been very late to the party as far as offering decent tools to rival the likes of Tableau, Spotfire, Qlikview, Pyramid etc., however – even with our cynical hats on – we think that Power BI is becoming an impressive reporting tool and in our opinion will only get better very quickly.

This series of blogs will attempt to introduce you to PowerBI and bring you up to an advanced level pretty quickly. I hope you enjoy it!

Lesson 1 - An Introduction to Power BI

Lesson 2 - Some Power BI Visualisation Examples using English Football

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