Power BI : Lesson 2: Premiership History Viewed in Power BI


Premiership History and Leicester’s Amazing Win!

For the second lesson I thought it would be fun to show you what can be produced by simply gathering stats on the web and producing some sexy looking charts using PowerBI. Instead of taking you through each step, I prefer to show you the end result and work backwards to how we got there. You can revisit the first part here.

So I scraped off Premiership statistics from BBC sport pages, put them in some Excel sheets and produced the following in Power BI:

  • You can interact with the visualisations – click on bars or bubbles to drill down.
  • Go Full Screen for an optimal view.
  • Use the filters on the right hand side to select your team.

You are welcome to play with the slicers and look at all six Pages of the report, especially if you are interested in English Football and doubly so if you are a Leicester fan! This has been produced one game before the end of the season and I will update with final results once we have them.

The content was produced using PowerBI desktop and published to our PowerBI service. From there I have deployed to the web and hence you are able to see the interactive content embedded right here in the blog. Pretty cool.

In the next blog we will work out how to get to this point and of course, how we could enhance the application and statistics further.

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